Who We Are

written by Susan


The people in my life describe me as an inspiring presence, known for my ability to encourage the development of their creative potential. It is a privilege to support others in finding their unique path – guiding them from where they are now to where they are needed and want to be.   I work with compassion and love; through the process of collaboration and focused facilitation, you discover your purpose and place in the world.

My gift enables me to bring clarity to the situation and unity to the process. With clear vision one can more easily move forward: identify next steps, align goals with values and beliefs, and attract resources and opportunity. Helping individuals, teams and companies grow has been a life-long quest.  

I am an advocate for progress – growth and development – through collaboration. You can count on in-depth questions and lively interaction to get to the heart of any matter! In my world understanding is the key to working together, successfully.

Experiential by nature. Always a ridge-runner with contemporary perspective – embracing new ideas, insight and philosophy. Compassionate, tolerant and disciplined, a seeker of wisdom and truth; I am a devoted student of YOGA and the teachings of Patanjali. My life and my writing are inspired by my Peace Practice.

Like you, I find myself contemplating the direction of our Country and our role in the world. It is not possible to sit on the sidelines and watch while the environment, economy, jobs/job market, financial institutions, 401K’s, Social Security, stock market, savings accounts, housing market, commercial RE, healthcare, Medicare, under-funded pension programs, Federal Government, Congress, States, Cities, the EU, Iraq/Afghanistan, Haiti, Iceland, Greece, and (insert your own item) melt down. With this much chaos we’re all being impacted in some way, every day. Hiding is not an option.

It must be my destiny to do something, say something – get something going! Discussing, documenting, writing, and blogging about our experiences in this insane world/economy/marketplace is a start. Offering real solutions – a personal Roadmap - for finding the way ahead is the ultimate goal.

Remember, you can choose to DO something NOW to insure a smooth transition for The Great Transformation is underway as I write this!

May The Bridge to Somewhere BE your destination for generating ideas, insight and hope for today and for the future.



I’ve been described as a compassionate truth seeker who often becomes an advocate for the underdog. No matter how hard I try to stay on the sidelines, I find myself in the heart of situations where my firsthand experience is urgently needed and the gift of  my insight an essential ingredient. With so much to offer up, having a forum to expand my horizons and contribute to the growth and development of others has ignited my commitment to blog.

With a tried and true 25 year professional history, I have personally endured many career incarnations.  Enthusiastically venturing into new and challenging roles with top-tier companies who are the innovators and leaders in their respective fields.  But a funny thing happened on the way to success – most of the well-paying and highly visible assignments did not provide the secure, long-term employment opportunities that were sought!  It was these experiences that helped me develop determination and a reputation of always landing on my feet, and improving my situation at each and every turn.

In this new world – this new economy – the hopes and dreams for our careers present very, very different challenges from even just 2-3 years ago. The recipe for successfully landing a suitable job is changing on a daily basis; there is an urgent need to understand the marketplace and respond to it. With a certification in Career Coaching, I have facilitated a Career Ministry at my church for the past 4 years, giving me a unique perspective and insight into what’s going on. On this blog, my goal is to share my insight and experiences in real time to the best of my ability…let the exchange of ideas, observations and insight begin! 

We look forward to your input and your comments!!