30th May
written by Susan

Going…Beyond Petroleum and Everything Else

with a little help from a Roadmap and a wise, old Sūtra quoted below:

Om gate gate pāragate pārasaṃgate bodhi svāhā

गते गते पारगते पारसंगते बोधि स्वाहा

Gone, gone, gone beyond, gone beyond even the beyond, and into enlightenment.


Notice how things are “beyond broken” everywhere we turn? 

It doesn’t matter what we’re discussing: the Gulf or a coal mine in WV, economics here or abroad, Government, Countries/States/Cities, institutions/corporations/unions, our financial security  – the systems we have built and sustained over the last 45+ years are failing. 

There’s plenty of blame to go around. But that’s the problem with blame – you just go round and round and nothing gets solved and or fixed. Those who are responsible and who are protecting the status quo love blame games as it keeps them safe from being outed for their crimes and indiscretions.

Sometime last year I finally realized the TRUTH. Our problems, challenges, issues lie beyond what any single person, politician, Party, Government, institution/corporation can solve. We’re in too deep! Those in positions of power have become absolutely powerless to do anything meaningful to change anything anymore. Witness the recent attempts at health care reform, financial reform, managing the BP disaster, and so on.

They pretend they have achieved meaningful reform and or progress – but instead, it’s BUSINESS AS USUAL. They can’t admit the truth of their ignorance/incompetency/impotency or the entire charade would collapse. Besides, why “come clean” when the system is already rigged in your favor? They’re all in on the privatize the profits and socialize the losses game. That’s why we’ll never see real change coming from the top!  

Therefore, We the People must create the change we want to see – for ourselves, by ourselves. There is no other way.

I’m advocating for a WE and not me approach here as this will take collaboration and teamwork on a broad scale.  Look for Leaders/Leadership to emerge on a local level and within established communities (the Blog Roll members listed below would be an example of a community operating in the economic/financial realm). 

Together WE can develop plans for taking action and finding the way forward.

It doesn’t have to be total chaos.  We can choose.  Let’s become advocates for what we want to be/to see and NOT for what we fear/or fear we have lost. This is the critical choice!

 I’ve promised you a Roadmap. Here are the ideas for getting BEYOND BROKEN:

  1. GET A GRIP on the TRUTH. See the blame game for what it is.  Angry talking heads, finger pointing, tantrums, asking the President to get madder – don’t accomplish anything. The whole point is that blame keeps you tied up and impotent; too afraid, depressed or angry to act. When you stop the blaming (and the angry, fearful emotions that accompany it) you are free to see the truth, to see beyond what is broken.
  2. ACCEPT what is real, right here right now. Yes we’re incredibly sad, heartbroken and scared that TopKill didn’t work. Yes we’re worried about how we’re going to afford to support ourselves for another 30 years. Yes we’re aware that nobody’s being held accountable for any bad deed (emphasis on financial) anywhere anymore. ACCEPTANCE, without blame or expectation, is the only way forward.
  3. Be GRATEFUL for what you do have. Yes, we’re living paycheck to paycheck, yet we still have our family, friends, food on the table and a roof overhead. Find the positive and acknowledge it by showing gratitude as expressed through/in your thoughts, words, and deeds. This is your foundation, your rock, your strength; it will keep you grounded and strong.
  4. Choose to GO BEYOND. Ask yourself:  what ACTION can I take right here right now in response? If I have financial abundance, then making a financial contribution to those advocating for your issue/cause of choice is a good move. Perhaps you have the time to volunteer. You don’t have to go down to the Gulf when those in your local community are in need. Choose to GO BEYOND by being an ADVOCATE for the things that matter most, for what you value and believe in.  
  5. Be an ADVOCATE. Be the change, the hope, the LOVE, you want to see in the world! When you connect with what you believe in and bring that connection to life, you go beyond – you become an ADVOCATE for everything you value. Advocate’s Formula: Purpose + Passion/Compassion + Action = ADVOCACY (an ADVOCATE in action).
  6. Build a COMMUNITY. Look for other like-minded/hearted/handed folks to join you. This is a WE proposition; the power is in COLLABORATION, in harnessing the contributions of those within your community.

Going BEYOND BROKEN is a process, a journey, and not a destination. The Roadmap steps outlined above will support you in transforming your thinking/feeling/doing into something amazing. It’s like building The Bridge to Somewhere- where finding your way – is the Heart (Sutra) of the matter.

So here’s a Roadmap. Let  your Bridge-building begin today!

May you GO BEYOND, even beyond the beyond, and into a new awareness and ENLIGHTENMENT.